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On this page you’ll find all the active discount codes for Allergy Mums Club readers to use across a range of services and products! Any new discounts I get for you will be added here, so check back regularly x

Olsson Haircare (Allergy UK approved)

I’m always hesitant to try new bath and haircare products for my kids. Both are very sensitive skinned, and my son has eczema, triggered by a variety of things, including many haircare products. However I was persuaded to give Olsson shampoo a try when they told me they are the only haircare range approved by Allergy UK; one of the few beauty brands pure enough to pass their approval scheme. Their products are formulated for those who live with allergies and sensitivities like eczema, asthma, psoriasis, dandruff and scalp sensitivity.

I’m so glad we gave the shampoo a try, it now has a permanent place on our bathroom shelf!

If you’d like to give any of their products a go, you can use AllergyMumsClub10 for 10% off your order from the Olsson website

Olsson shampoo and conditioner for sensitive skin

Flawsome drinks

Flawsome use wonky fruits to make delicious drinks! Their new fruit waters have no added sugar, and the packaging contains no plastic at all. Best of all, the fruit waters contain added iron and vitamins.

For 15% off your shop on the Flawsome website, use ALLERGYMUMSCLUB

Creative Nature

Creative Nature have a fantastic range of Snacks, Baking Mixes and Superfoods, all of which are totally free from the top 14 allergens. Their strict procedures mean there are no may contain warnings either. We particular love their snack bars and the range of ‘Magibles’ – a free from version of Maltesers!

For 10% off your shop on the Creative Nature website, use THEALLERGYMUMSCLUB10

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