Shop: Eczema, Hay Fever & Dust Mite Allergies

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Hay Max Drug-free allergen barrier balm

HayMax Drug-Free Allergen Barrier Balm

An organic, non-drowsy & drug-free allergen barrier balm which reduces pollen, dust and pet allergens from entering the body. Suitable for all, including babies and pregnant women.

Westlab Dead Sea Salt

Westlab Dead Sea Bath Salt

Pure unscented dead sea salt, suitable for those with eczema prone skin.

Levoit air purifier

Levoit Air Purifier

A well priced air purifier with a HEPA filter that effectively removes allergen particles, including pollen, pet hair, dander & dust.

Miele C3 Allergy Hoover

Miele Complete C3 Allergy Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner is designed for allergy sufferers: The HEPA AirClean Filter filters 99.9% of dust and allergen particles, making it ideal for those with dust mite allergies.

Astex anti allergy bedding

Astex Allergy Bedding

Mattress, duvet and pillow encasements to protect from dust mites, recommended by Allergy UK. Available from cot size upwards.

Altruist Family Sunspray SPF50

Altruist Family Sunspray SPF50

A dermatologist developed sunscreen suitable for the whole family, including babies from 6 months. The formula is designed for sensitive skin and is fragrance and paraben free.

Sun Sense Kids SPF50

Sun Sense is formulated for use on sensitive skin, and is often recommended by healthcare professionals for children with eczema.