Family meal plan, free from dairy, egg, soy and gluten

Family meal plan, free from dairy, egg, soy & gluten

Struggling for free-from meal ideas? My dairy, soy, egg & gluten free meal plan is here to help! Suitable for adults, kids and even baby led weaning, this meal plan will give you 4 weeks of weekday dinner ideas to feed the whole family.

Meal plan, free from dairy, egg, soy & gluten

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Four weeks of family dinner ideas, free from dairy, egg, soy & gluten

When my son was first diagnosed with allergies to dairy and soy, I really struggled with what to cook. Making a major change to your diet is hard enough, but trying to do it when you are sleep deprived and juggling a young family is a different level!

By the time we got to the bottom of all my son’s food allergies, I was having to cook meals free from dairy, soy, eggs and gluten. I found it extremely tough to think up a range of meal ideas with all those restrictions. 

After 6 years of practice I have come to realise that there is a lot of choice – once you have done the legwork. This meal plan takes all that effort out of your hands; I’ve done all the planning so you don’t have to! Whether you are looking for just a dairy free meal plan, a gluten free meal plan, or have all the same restrictions we did, this meal plan will suit you.

How a meal plan can help make life easier

  • Having a pre-prepared plan of what you are going to eat massively reduces the weekly mental load. This is really the main benefit of meal planning for me. Thinking up a variety of healthy meals is not as easy as it sounds – especially when you have dietary requirements to deal with.  
  • This plan organises meals that will save you time, suggesting ways to use up leftovers the next day, and batch cooking with very little extra effort. Your future self will thank you when you can just grab a dairy free fish pie or mac & cheese from the freezer!
  • Having a plan helps you think ahead about what to buy, meaning less waste and fewer last minute dashes to the shops!
  • This family meal plan enables you to make one meal for everyone. When you have children with dietary requirements it’s easy to get into the habit of making different meals for each person. Which is fine occasionally, but a lot of extra work if you’re doing it every day!

Is this meal plan suitable for baby led weaning?

All recipes are suitable for baby led weaning, but you may want to adjust how you serve each dish depending on the stage of weaning your baby is at. If you’re just getting started with introducing solids, check out my Beginners Guide to Dairy Free Weaning for lots of information and tips.

When cooking family meals for a baby, don’t add any extra salt when cooking (add separately for adults after serving up), and use low or very low salt stock, for example Kallo. You may also prefer to adjust spice levels in some dishes, depending on what level of spice your baby is used to!

It’s worth noting that this meal plan does contain some common allergens – for example, there are meals which contain fish and nuts. Advice regarding introducing common allergens when weaning tends to be to introduce them one at a time, starting with a small amount – and early in the day if possible. If you have any reason to suspect an allergy to a particular food, talk to a medical professional before introducing it. 

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