Best cookbooks for dairy & egg free weaning

The best cookbooks for dairy and egg free weaning

These days there are loads of great weaning recipes to be found online, but many of us still love a physical cookbook! Annoyingly, when you buy a cookbook it’s common to find that half of the recipes are not suitable or need to be adapted if you are weaning with allergies. To save you trawling through all the options, here is my round up of the best cookbooks for dairy & egg free weaning! 

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Dairy and egg free recipes that babies & toddlers will love!

These recipe books either have a large range of recipes which are naturally free from dairy and egg, or are great at offering alternative ingredients. I have also included some which I found helpful when my son was allergic to wheat. Dairy, egg and wheat free is a particularly challenging combo!

Top cookbooks for weaning with dairy and egg allergies

Little Veggie Eats* by Rachel Boyett

This is a vegetarian cookbook, but is great for any families looking to cut down on meat consumption. It gives vegan swaps, so you will find plenty of dairy & egg free options. 

Rachel’s meals are reliable crowd pleasers, and much more interesting than your standard weaning fare! This book is best if you are baby led weaning, as the focus is on meals that the whole family can enjoy. My favourite kind! She also has an amazing Instagram page, you can find her at @littleveggieeats.

The Allergy Free Baby & Toddler Cookbook* by Ellie Lux and Fiona Heggie

If you are dealing with multiple allergies then this is the book for you! Every recipe is free from the top 14 most common allergens. It covers the basics of first tastes up to more substantial meals. Plus it includes practical tips and suggested meal plans.  

Young Gums* by Beth Bentley

I really like this book. It is a more modern take on meals for weaning, and also has a helpful intro with practical tips. Many of the recipes are dairy free (she often suggests coconut milk) or specify that you can use your baby’s normal milk. Yogurt is in a lot of the recipes, but often just as a serving suggestion; you can just sub in one of the many dairy free yogurts now available.

A lot of the recipes are also naturally gluten free, or specify a range of flours which work (buckwheat, which is gluten free, is used a lot). 

I would not particularly recommend this for those with egg allergies. Although there are a lot of egg free recipes in there, the amount which do require eggs is just enough to make it a bit annoying if you can’t use them. 

What mummy makes* by Rebecca Wilson

I must admit that I don’t personally own this book. But, I had to include it on this round up as so many other CMPA mums rave about how useful it is. People seem to love the recipes, and say that allergy friendly swaps (that actually work!) are always suggested.

Cookbooks for dairy and egg free family meals

The following books are focused more on family meals as opposed to weaning. But, if you are baby led weaning then they will still be really useful. You just need to watch out for any ingredients that are not suitable for little ones (e.g. honey). And of course, be mindful that you will have to adapt how you serve food to be appropriate for your child’s stage of development.  

The Allergy Free Family Cookbook* by Ellie Lux and Fiona Heggie

Made by the same authors as the baby & toddler book above, this is a must for anyone dealing with multiple allergies. It is full of family friendly basics, all completely free from the top 14 most common allergens. Trust me, it will make your life much easier!

Every Day* and Quick & Easy* by Deliciously Ella 

When I first started out with dairy, egg and wheat free cooking, I relied very heavily on Deliciously Ella recipes! They are all vegan, so I knew I would be safe with the dairy and eggs being excluded. Plus, the vast majority of recipes are gluten free. 

Ella has a number of recipe books available now, but my favourites are ’Every Day’ and ‘Quick & Easy’. These are both good for family meals and batch cooking. They also have a lot of biscuits and fritters which are good for little ones; although you will likely want to cut the amount of maple syrup!

A Modern Way to Cook* by Anna Jones

I love Anna Jones’ style of cooking; her recipes are really great for anyone who wants more veg in their diet. I particularly like the format of ‘A Modern Way to Cook’. It is arranged by prep time, ranging from 15 minutes to ’investment cooking’. 

Generally speaking, the recipes containing dairy and eggs include suggested adaptations to remove them. There are also many wheat and gluten free options. 

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What’s your favourite allergy friendly cookbook? 

What do you think are the best cookbooks for dairy and egg free weaning? And do you have any tips for books that are useful when weaning with other allergies? Let me know in the comments below!

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