Dairy and soya free bread - UK supermarkets list

Dairy and soya free bread – UK supermarkets list!

When you first start shopping for dairy and soya free products, bread doesn’t spring to mind as the food which will cause you problems! But spend a couple of minutes in a supermarket bakery aisle, and you’ll find that the vast majority of breads on the shelves include soya flour. Never fear, I’ve put together a list of all the dairy and soya free bread available in UK supermarkets. One less thing for you to worry about!

Do always check when buying, as ingredients can change; and often without obvious warning on the packaging. I will periodically check the ingredients of everything on this page – ingredients were last checked on 18 December 2022.

Soy Free bread

Dairy free bread

Before I dive into the main event, just a note about dairy free bread. If you are only dairy free, then there is no need to go buying the expensive free from brands. You can certainly find bread marketed as being dairy free, but there are actually loads of bread brands in UK supermarkets that don’t include milk. There are some exceptions to this, for example brioche, but most standard sliced bread is dairy free.

However, if you are also after bread without soya, that is another matter entirely! This is much more tricky. All the products listed here are free from dairy and soya, but it is largely the soya which makes life difficult. Unfortunately, many children who have a delayed cmpa (cow’s milk protein allergy) also react to soya. This makes soy a right headache for us allergy parents!

Which bread is dairy and soya free?

There are a few brands which are sold across supermarkets, but many are the supermarket own brands – and these tend to be best value. So, the good news is that you don’t need to buy the expensive free-from versions! If you have a bakery near you, this is also a good way to buy. Fresh bakery bread is much less likely to contain soya flour. 

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Dairy and soya free bread brands (sold across various supermarkets, including online at Ocado)

  • Jacksons is a great brand, sold across a number of supermarkets. There was a time that this was one of the only soya free breads out there, so I feel some loyalty to them!
    • Jacksons white champion bloomer
    • Jacksons brown champion bloomer
    • Jacksons seeded white champion bloomer
  • The Polish Bakery brand is available across a number of supermarkets, and they have quite a range of breads:
    • The Polish Bakery half wheat rye
    • The Polish Bakery brown bread
    • The Polish Bakery highlander bread sourdough 
    • The Polish Bakery baltonowski bread
    • The Polish Bakery Granny’s bread
  • Crosta & Mollica is a more premium brand and a bit different to standard sliced bread, but very nice for a change:
    • Crosta & Mollica pane pugliese Italian toasting bread 
    • Crosta & Mollica wholeblend pugliese seeded toasting bread
  • Bertinet Bakery:
    • Bertinet Bakery white sourdough sliced
    • Bertinet Bakery malted wheat sourdough sliced
  • Black Sheep Craft Bakery:
    • Black Sheep Craft Tiger Bloomer
    • Black Sheep Craft White Bloomer

Dairy and soya free bread – supermarket own brands


  • Tesco wholemeal sliced
  • Tesco multiseed batch
  • Tesco multigrain batch
  • Tesco finest wholemeal seeds and grains loaf
  • Tesco finest white loaf with sourdough
  • Tesco finest wholemeal loaf 
  • Tesco finest sunflower and pumpkin farmhouse
  • Tesco finest dark rye and sunflower farmhouse
  • Tesco finest super seeded farmhouse loaf
  • Tesco finest oat and barley loaf
  • H W Nevill’s wholemeal brown bread
  • H W Nevill’s white bread


  • Co-op honest value white sliced bread
  • Co-op honest value wholemeal sliced bread
  • Co-op bakery farmhouse white
  • Co-op bakery white toastie
  • Co-op bakery wholemeal toastie
  • Co-op bakery medium white and bran
  • Co-op bakery seeded farmhouse


  • Waitrose white sourdough
  • Waitrose Duchy wholemeal seeded bloomer
  • Waitrose multiseeded farmhouse batch
  • Waitrose multigrain farmhouse
  • Essential wholemeal medium sliced bread
  • Waitrose wholemeal farmhouse
  • Waitrose No.1 wheat & rye sourdough sliced


  • Morrisons thick sliced white bloomer (NOT the soft white sliced bloomer)
  • Morrisons thick sliced tiger bloomer, with sourdough
  • Morrisons thick sliced malted brown bloomer, with sourdough


  • Jacksons, Crosta & Mollica, The Polish Bakery, Bertinet, and Black Sheep Craft Bakery are all available from Ocado.


  • Sainsbury’s SO organic wholemeal (fresh from bakery only)
  • Sainsbury’s SO organic white (fresh from bakery only)


  • The only suitable bread I am aware of from Asda is their gluten free ‘free from sliced loaf’, which is available in white and brown. Apparently it is one of the nicest gluten free breads – and I have a similar list of gluten free breads (which are also dairy, soy and egg free) in the works!


  • Everyday essentials medium sliced white bread
  • Everyday essentials medium sliced wholemeal bread
  • The Village Bakery honey soaked seeded bloomer
  • The Village Bakery great tiger bloomer
  • The Village Bakery wholemeal rustic bloomer
  • The Village Bakery traditional white bloomer
  • The Village Bakery traditional malted bloomer
  • The Village Bakery soft medium wholemeal bread
  • Specially selected sourdough loaf
  • Specially selected super seeded farmhouse

Which is the best soy free bread brand?

After reading through all of those options, I’m sure you are wondering ‘but which is the best’?! This is always going to be a matter of opinion, but I LOVE the Jacksons bread, especially the white champion bloomer. And really most of these are good options, it largely comes down to which supermarket you shop in. Leave a comment below to share what your favourite is!

In terms of selection, Aldi is hands down the winner. The Co-op and Tesco also have a good range of their own brand soy free breads. Waitrose has a good selection, particularly of sourdoughs and more speciality breads – but is on the more expensive side. 

Alternative options to sliced bread:

If you’re having difficulty getting bread, or just fancy a change, there are lots of other options. For some reason other ’bready’ products seem to be much less likely to contain soya flour. Some do of course, so always check. Here is a selection of dairy & soya free ideas for you:  

  • Warburtons crumpets
  • New York Bakery bagels 
  • Sainsbury’s wholemeal and white pitta breads
  • Jacksons bread rolls 
  • Baker street burger buns and hot dog rolls
  • Old El Paso soft tortilla wraps
  • Pataks plain chapattis
  • Crosta and Mollica piadina flatbread wraps

If you’re looking for some homemade options as an alternative to bread, you could try:

I hope you found this list helpful! If you think it would be of use to others then please do share using the social buttons below. If I’ve missed any of your favourite products, let me know in the comments section, and I’ll add them in.

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Update 18th December 2022:

The following breads were removed from the list as soy flour has been added to the ingredients, or they are no longer on sale:

  • Aldi – The Village Bakery seeded loaf
  • Aldi – The Village Bakery lightly seeded loaf
  • Aldi – The Village Bakery both in one bread
  • Sainsbury’s – soft multiseed thick sliced wholemeal bread, so organic
  • Tesco – both together, sliced

Ingredients lists checked online 18th December 2022. I have included any breads which do not have dairy or soya listed as an ingredient; however some do carry ‘may contain’ warnings. If you are not sure if you or your child can eat products labelled as ‘may contain’ then talk to your medical professional.

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  1. Just wanted to say thank you for all this information. Recently found out I’m
    Dairy, lactose & soya intolerant and this has been a huge help in finding bread that does not contain soya! It’s been a mind field!

    1. Hi Zoe, I’m so glad this has been useful for you. When we first had to go dairy and soya free I knew we would have to make a lot of swaps, but I never expected bread to be such a big issue! Good luck with finding lots of other foods you can enjoy x

  2. Hiya, just wanted to say… When it is for an allergy, obviously depending on how bad the allergy is the may contain label might be fine. I only have found one brand so far that does soya and dairy free with no may contain soya and is the tesco finest sourdough… All aldi’s breads may contain soya which is a no go for me as I get a reaction from the smallest amount of it. I will definitely check the other brands out but so far I’d rather think the best option is buy yourself a bread maker and bake your own bread…

    1. Hi Rose, thanks for your comment. I’ve include ‘may contain’ products as many dietitians advise that children with cow’s milk protein & related soy allergy can often eat them. But of course, those with the most severe reactions will need to be more careful. As you are experiencing, avoiding may contains is very restrictive, so it’s always a balance and a very individual choice. I do want to share them given that many children will be OK with them, but you have given me the idea to add in a separate section showing those which have no may contain label. I’d better get to work!

      FYI Jacksons bread is labelled ‘soya free’ with no may contain label. And it’s my favourite! Please do drop me an email with any other breads you find with no may contain warning x

  3. I agree about Jacksons it’s so good and lasts for ages, palm oil free too! I only eat 2 slices at the weekend so the whole lot goes in the freezer n I take 1 out n put it straight in the toaster and is perfect every time.
    One Q about Morrisons, I had my first pre packed sandwich in yrs yesterday as they all contain soya flour but I checked the back of their coronation chicken and no soya. Any idea what bread they use as their own white sliced contains soya flour?

    1. Oh, that’s interesting! I’m afraid I don’t know the answer, but my guess would be that they could be using their bread from the fresh bakery section. Quite often the supermarket own brand sliced & packaged breads contain soy, but the fresh bakery loaves don’t. I don’t include fresh bakery bread on here as the ingredients are usually not online and so I can’t easily check them – plus they seem to change a lot. Have a look at their fresh bakery loaves next time you are in there, and if they are soy free then let me know! You must have been pleased to finally find a sandwich you could have x

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