Lunch box filler ideas nut free, gluten free, dairy free

Lunch box filler ideas (free from gluten, nuts, dairy, egg & soy) 

If you’re looking for allergy friendly lunch box filler ideas, you’ve come to the right place. I’m sharing some of the best free-from shop bought snacks to fill up that lunch box. Whether you’re looking for gluten free, nut free or completely allergen free ideas, there’s a product to suit you. I’ve also got some nice discount codes for you to use!

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Lunch box filler ideas; some great free-from products

Allergy families can’t always rely on being able to grab suitable food when we’re out (or on a reliable standard of school lunches 😬). So, we can find ourselves having to make a LOT of packed lunches. Thinking up a variety of lunchbox filler ideas can become exhausting!

In this post I’m sharing some of the products we use which make great lunch box fillers. None of these contain any nuts, gluten, dairy, eggs or soy, meaning that they are ideal if you’re dealing with multiple allergies.

I find that having a stash of these kind of products in the cupboard makes life a lot easier. However, filling a lunchbox entirely with shop bought products becomes extremely expensive. I try and mix these up with homemade elements. Doing everything homemade is nice in theory, but realistically it is just so time consuming! So, I’ve found that a balance between the two is best for us.

I’ve listed allergen information, but always look again before buying; ingredients can and do change without warning.

Creative Nature snack bars and Magibles (free from nuts, gluten, dairy & all top 14 allergens)

Lunchbox filler ideas, Creative Nature bars - nut free and gluten free

It can be difficult to find nut free and gluten free snack bars, but Creative Nature’s whole range is guaranteed to be free from the top 14 allergens. The nutritious snack bars include ‘bursting berry’, ‘oh wow cacao’ and ‘carrot cake oatie bar’, among others. These are handy for including in a packed lunch. 

Creative Nature’s range also includes chocolate ‘Magibles’ – these are the ultimate lunchbox treat! They are basically a free-from version of Maltesers, and my kids absolutely love them.

You can use THEALLERGYMUMSCLUB10 for a 10% discount off a shop on the Creative Nature website.

Angelic oat squares (free from nuts, gluten, dairy & all top 14 allergens)

These are available in a range of flavours including apple & raspberry and chocolate chip*! They are a great filling snack, with a nice energy boost from the oats. These bars are part of Angelic’s ‘safetylicious’ range, focused on providing allergy safe school snacks. 

The Angelic products are stocked in Holland and Barrett and some Sainsbury’s stores. You can also buy from Amazon*, which is handy.

Flawsome fruit water (free from nuts, gluten, dairy & all top 14 allergens)

Lunch box filler ideas flawsome fruit juice

Flawsome make their fruit waters using wonky or surplus fruit that would otherwise go to waste. They are really tasty, totally plastic free and have no added sugar. They also have added iron, which I love! I often worry if the kids are getting enough iron in their diet, so I appreciate the easy boost from these. They come in three different fruity flavours.

Older kids will also enjoy the sparkling range, which is simply juice and sparkling water; no added sugar and much healthier than your average fizzy drink.

Flawsome have kindly given me a discount for you all to get 15% off their website*. Use ALLERGYMUMSCLUB at checkout.

Vegan Babybels (free from dairy, egg, soy, nuts & gluten)

I really enjoy when the retro snacks of my childhood get an allergen free makeover! These are so handy to pop in a lunchbox, and are fortified with calcium. For children under 4 they should be cut into bite sized pieces.

When they first launched they were hard to get hold of, but now they are quite widely stocked in the major supermarkets.

Eat Real crisps (free from nuts, gluten, dairy & eggs. Some flavours have a may contain soy warning)

Lunch box filler ideas, Eat real crisps - nut free and gluten free

Eat Real crisps are lentil, quinoa and chickpea flour based, which adds a welcome bit of dietary variation. You can get multi packs of individual portion sized packets; the Hummus Lentil & Quinoa Chips 5 Pack and a Veggie Straws multi pack. 

There’s also a range of larger sharing size bags, with a wider variety of flavours. These are good if you have a bento style lunch box like a Yumbox*; you can just pop a portion straight into that without the need for an extra packet. Our favourite flavours are Tomato & Basil and Mango & Mint. 

The most useful kit for an easier lunch box experience!

We’ve tried out plenty of packed lunch paraphernalia – and wasted lots of money on leaky bottles and flimsy lunchboxes. But I have finally settled on some excellent products! If you’re on the lookout for ways to make your packed lunch life easier, head over to my lunchboxes post to find all our tried and tested favourites.

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