Homemade dairy free Christmas chocolates

Homemade dairy free Christmas shaped chocolates – how to guide

Would you like to turn the odds and ends of leftover dairy free chocolate into some exciting homemade glittery Christmas shaped chocolates? This guide will show you how!  

Homemade dairy free Christmas shaped chocolates - how to guide

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A quick & easy money-saving Christmas treat

Thankfully the range of dairy free Christmas chocolate available in the UK is getting better every year. This year my kids have been loving the NOMO cookie dough reindeers, Moo Free snowballs*, and Buttermilk vegan chocolate orange! However, it is still the case that free-from chocolate is expensive when compared to the standard stuff. 

This guide will show you how to turn the leftovers you have in the cupboard into glittery Christmas shapes to rival what the shops have to offer! Using a mix of dairy free chocolate types means you can also add in some darker non-specialist chocolate. This tends to be cheaper as it is naturally dairy free, but by itself it can be a bit bitter for some children’s tastes. 

Before you get started, be aware that these chocolates are not suitable for babies as they are very solid, and the size could be a choke risk.

To make 20 homemade dairy free Christmas chocolates, you will need:

  • 230g of dairy free chocolate. A mix of different types is fine; I used up the odds and ends of a variety of chocolates I had in the cupboard, including Moo Free baking drops, Green and Blacks 70% cocoa, and even some long forgotten mini easter eggs that have been hanging around for months!
  • Christmas shapes silicon mould* (this is the mould I use)
  • Edible glitter (optional). One pot will last you a long time!
Homemade dairy free Christmas shaped chocolates

How to make homemade dairy free Christmas chocolates:

  1. Break your selection of dairy free chocolate up into chunks and melt it. You can either do this in the microwave or on the hob. BBC Good Food has some helpful instructions on the best way to melt chocolate to a smooth consistency without it burning. 
  2. Place your silicone mould on a chopping board or tray. This allows you to move it around later without the chocolate spilling.
  3. If you are using edible glitter, lightly sprinkle it across the insides of the Christmas shaped moulds.
  4. Carefully spoon the melted chocolate into the mould. It’s a bit fiddly as the shapes are small, but you don’t need to be too precise. Once filled, you can carefully run a silicon spatula over the surface to get rid of any spills or excess.
  5. Transfer the filled silicone mould (using the chopping board or tray as a sturdy base) into the fridge. Let it chill and harden for around 4 hours.

Eat immediately, or use as tree decorations!

Of course, once you’ve made these, you (or your children) can just immediately eat them! But if you can resist and want to jazz them up further, you could wrap them in colourful foils* and hang them on the tree. Or, use them as part of a homemade advent calendar. You could put some in a little Christmassy box* and use it as a stocking filler. They would also be great to take along to Christmas parties and festive family get-togethers as a fun treat everyone can share!  

Other uses for your Christmas shapes silicone mould

Once you have your silicone mould, you can go crazy with the Christmassy shaped treats! A few non-chocolate based options include:

  • Homemade fruit gummies in Christmas shapes
  • Little Christmas shaped jellies
  • Fill with dairy free yoghurt and freeze to make some mini frozen yoghurt bites 

Have a great Christmas!

If you’re visiting family and friends for meals over the festive period, make sure to check out this guest post from Manpreet of Food Allergy Fit. She has prepared a guide for friends and family to provide them with tips for serving an inclusive & allergy friendly Christmas meal!

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