Eggless french toast for baby led weaning

Eggless french toast for baby led weaning (quick, easy & healthy!)

This eggless french toast recipe is a quick & healthy baby led weaning option, and an easy way to introduce a bit of variation to your baby’s breakfast options! As well as containing no egg, this french toast is also dairy and nut free.

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Dairy, egg & soy free | nut free | sesame free | vegan

I came up with this eggless french toast recipe when desperately trying to get some more calories and calcium into my then 2 year old.

She was close to dropping off the bottom of the centile chart and extremely fussy with food. Plus, she had no interest in drinking dairy free milk of any description! One of the few foods she did enjoy was toast. I was trying to think of similar variations, and liked the idea of french toast, but her egg and dairy allergies meant this was a no go.

I had a try at recreating the effect a few different ways, and the recipe I am sharing here was by far the best result! It uses mashed up banana and oat milk to replace the egg and dairy. This gives the sweetness, squishiness and caramelised edges of traditional french toast. And there is no need for any added sugar.

It was a great way of giving her something she was familiar and comfortable with, but with some sneaky extra calcium from soaking the bread in fortified oat milk, and some additional calories as well. A win!

5 reasons to love eggless french toast for baby led weaning:

  • It is really speedy to make. Just a couple of minutes are needed to soak the bread in the plant based milk and banana mixture, and then a quick fry on each side.
  • It’s made from just five simple ingredients. And they are all things you’re likely to have in the cupboard anyway, so no need for a dash to the shops.
  • Eggless French toast is a healthy option for babies & toddlers. It contains no added sugar, and uses fortified oat milk for some additional calcium and vitamins. And the banana is rich in nutrients and full of antioxidants
  • It is suitable for many different dietary requirements. As well as containing no egg, it’s also dairy free. So, it’s great for those with cow’s milk protein allergy (cmpa), egg allergies, vegetarians and vegans. It is also nut free.
  • Finally, It’s really adaptable. You can serve this as a sweet or a savoury breakfast. Or, it makes a tasty pudding!

How to serve eggless french toast for baby led weaning

This french toast can be served as a finger food from 6 months. Start off by cutting it into strips as this will be easiest for little ones to hold when starting with weaning.  

It’s nice served alongside some sliced banana, strawberries or squished blueberries, perhaps with a dollop of dairy free yogurt. For toddlers you could add a drizzle of maple syrup. Or, an easy way to increase calories and protein is to drizzle it with smooth nut butter.

If you want to do this as a savoury breakfast you could serve it with some bacon rashers and perhaps some mashed avocado or fried mushrooms.

Egg free french toast can also make a tasty pudding! When doing this I like to serve it with some berries and whipped up vegan double cream such as Elmlea or Oatly. As an extra treat, a drizzle of sweet freedom dairy free chocolate sauce is an excellent topping!

Some other egg free & dairy free weaning breakfast ideas: 

It can be easy to get into a rut with breakfast, particularly when you have got dietary restrictions to take into account. Here are a few more dairy and egg free options to give you some inspiration!

  • Porridge, made with plant based milk. Regular porridge oats are fine, but you can whizz them up in a food processor first for a finer texture, if you prefer.
    • Mix the toppings up with different fruits, chia seeds, smooth nut butters, etc
  • Dairy and egg free pancakes.
  • Crumpets (always check ingredients) or toast fingers. Topping ideas include chia jam, mashed banana, smooth nut butters & mashed avocado.
  • Many cereals are dairy free, and some are also fortified with vitamins and iron. For babies, choose lower sugar options such as weetabix/oatibix, shredded wheat, multigrain cereals, Kallo rice puffs. Mix up the alternative milk you use for a bit of variation.
  • Weetabix breakfast balls served with dairy free yoghurt
  • Breakfast muffins e.g. these vegan banana & oat muffins. 
  • A yoghurt sundae!
Eggless french toast for baby led weaning

Eggless french toast for baby led weaning

This eggless french toast recipe is a quick & healthy baby led weaning option, and an easy way to introduce a bit of variation to your baby’s breakfast options! As well as containing no egg, this recipe is also dairy and nut free.
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Course Breakfast
Servings 2 people


  • 2 thick slices of white bread
  • 170 ml oat milk fortified and unsweetened
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • A knob of DF spread (I used Pure olive)


  • Mix the oat milk and vanilla extract in a wide and deep dish.
  • Mash the banana well and mix it in with the liquid.
  • Coat the bread with the mixture and let it sit in the dish for a couple of minutes to soak it up (not too long or it will get soggy and collapse).
  • Melt the DF spread in a large non stick frying pan, then fry the bread on a medium heat for a couple of minutes on each side, until it starts to get some golden crispy bits!


  • If you or your child has an allergy, always double check that the recipe and all of the components are suitable. This includes checking ‘may contain’ statements on each ingredient and making your own assessment of risk based on personal circumstances.

If you’re here because you child has a dairy or egg allergy, you may find these articles useful:

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