Raspberry dairy free ‘nice cream’

Free from dairy, eggs, soy, wheat | nut free | gluten free | vegan

Great for baby-led weaning, toddlers & older kids

When my son was a toddler, most dairy free ice cream on the market was made with soy, which was no good for him or a lot of other kids with cow’s milk allergy (CMPA). So, I was delighted when ‘nice cream’ started showing up all over Instagram – a perfectly timed craze! The nice cream is made using frozen bananas to give a creamy texture. When I first gave it a try my expectations for how it would actually taste were low, but it was actually great and very easy to make. 

It just needs a bit of planning ahead, as the bananas have to be sliced up and frozen in advance – they initially need to be put in the freezer sliced (an inch or two thick) and laid out on some grease proof baking paper to stop them sticking together, and can then be bagged up and kept frozen. I did this when I had a big bunch of bananas just about to go off, and it was a good way to stop them from going to waste. If you’ve got the bananas frozen in advance, then making the nice cream only takes a few of minutes, so it’s perfect for a quick pudding or snack. 

These days there are a lot of dairy and soy free options available, usually based on nuts or coconut. I have done extensive taste testing and can confirm that a lot of them are delicious! They are generally a lot more expensive than normal ice cream though, and not very suitable for the youngest weaners. So, this nice cream is a cheap, healthy and easy alternative for the whole family to enjoy ice cream together!

For babies: Without the optional maple syrup this recipe is purely fruit and has no added sugar, so this is very suitable for babies. The texture is soft serve, making it easy for them to eat. For baby-led weaning, this can be given on a pre-loaded spoon.  

Ingredients and method:

Approximately 3 servings

  • 2 ripe bananas, peeled, sliced and frozen (using the method described above)
  • 110g raspberries (fresh or frozen)
  • Squeeze of maple syrup (optional)

Put all ingredients in the food processor and whizz it up on a high setting. Initially the mixture will look crumbly and you will doubt it’s going to work! Persevere, stopping every 30 seconds to scrape the mix back down to the bottom of the food processor. After a few whizzes it will start to look like soft serve ice cream. Serve immediately and enjoy!

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