Raspberry & beetroot dairy free ice lollies

Raspberry & beetroot dairy free ice lollies

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Free from dairy, eggs, soy, wheat | gluten free | nut free | vegan

Great for baby-led weaning, toddlers & older kids

If you don’t have a stash of vaguely healthy dairy free ice lollies in your freezer then you are missing a trick – I honestly don’t know how I would have got through having a second baby without ice lollies. What else (apart from the TV obviously) can keep a toddler quiet and still for 15 minutes plus while you get some jobs done? And don’t make the mistake of thinking ice lollies are just for sunny days – they can be a great way to sooth sore throats, teething gums, or just to cheer up a rainy day.

This dairy free recipe includes spinach & beetroot, but the overwhelming taste is raspberry so your unsuspecting child will never know, mwahahaaa. I use Koko milk and yoghurt in these for an extra calcium boost (Koko does one of the few dairy free yoghurts which is calcium enriched), but any plant based milk and yoghurt will work well.

Ice lolly sticks and moulds are pretty widely available, there’s a huge range on Amazon or from Ikea. Annabel Karmel sells some specifically designed for babies to more easily hold.

For babies: Homemade lollies are an excellent baby led weaning option – my 1 year old nephew recently spent 30 minutes quietly eating his. You don’t need any teeth to lick an ice lolly, and they can really help gums that are sore from teething. Younger babies will need help holding the stick, but you’d be surprised how quickly they can get the hang of it. You can leave the maple syrup out for under one year olds.

Ingredients and method:

This makes a bumper 12 lollies! You can halve the amounts if you only have a set of 6 moulds. I often use half to make 6 lollies and save the rest to have as a smoothie:

  • A big handful of spinach leaves
  • 150ml plant based milk (I use Koko coconut milk for these)
  • 2 bananas
  • 90g cooked beetroot, peeled (I used vacuum packed beetroot in its own juice NOT in vinegar)
  • 250g raspberries (I use frozen)
  • 200g plant based yoghurt (I use Koko as it is calcium enriched)
  • Squeeze of maple syrup (optional)

Add the spinach leaves and your chosen plant based milk to a large mixing bowl or jug. Blitz into a pleasing green coloured milk using a stick blender (you can also use a smoothie maker/food processor, but I find a stick blender best to completely pulverise the spinach).

Drain away the juices if you are using vacuum packed beetroot, and roughly chop it up along with the bananas. Add these, along with all other ingredients, to the mixing bowl or jug and blend until smooth.

Pour into your lolly moulds and freeze overnight. Any leftovers can be made into a smoothie, just add a little extra plant based milk to loosen it.

When serving, you can briefly run the bottom of the lolly under hot water to easily remove from the mould.

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