Best dairy free ice lolly recipes for babies

The best dairy free ice lolly recipes for babies and toddlers

Are you looking for the best dairy free ice lolly recipes because your baby or toddler has a dairy allergy? Maybe youre following a vegan diet, or you just fancy using some different ingredients? Whatever the reason, I am here to help. I’m sharing our favourite dairy free ice lolly recipes for babies and toddlers, tried and tested (many times!) by my kids.

The best dairy free ice lolly recipes for babies and toddlers!

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Dairy free kids don’t need to miss out!

When my son was first diagnosed with CMPA (Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy) I immediately assumed that lovely creamy ice lollies – dreaming of the mini milks of my childhood – would be off the table. Since then I have come to realise that there is actually a world of possibility. Whether you want something rich and creamy, a refreshing fruity ice lolly, or even a way to get a bit of extra veg into your child’s diet, we have selflessly tried and tested LOADS of dairy free recipes to share the best with all of you!

Lollies are not just for toddlers and older kids, babies absolutely love them too. When coming up with our favourite dairy free ice lolly recipes I have kept babies firmly in mind. I’ve made sure that all the recipes are suitable and made without lots of added sugar. In fact, the majority are just sweetened with fruit. Banana, avocado and coconut milk are commonly used instead of dairy to give a creamy texture. These are all great foods for babies.

My children both absolutely love homemade ice lollies. In fact my freezer stash is often called upon to give me 10 minutes peace. What else (apart from Peppa Pig) can reliably keep a 2 year old quiet for that amount of time?!

What age can babies eat dairy free ice lollies?

As long as you are using age appropriate ingredients, there is no reason not to give ice lollies to babies from 6 months. Even a baby with no teeth can happily suck on an ice lolly. In fact, they are fantastic for soothing sore gums during teething.

Of course, it won’t be a good idea to give a young baby an ice lolly loaded with sugar and artificial flavourings, but luckily there are so many recipes to try which are are packed full of healthy nutritious ingredients, with no added sugar. There are recipes below which contain avocado, carrot – and even beetroot!

Are ice lollies good for baby led weaning?

Yes! The littlest babies may need help to hold them, but if you buy a mould that has a stick which is easy for them to grip then you’d be surprised how quickly a baby can get the hang of holding it for themselves.

One of the things I love about ice lollies is that they are so adaptable and it’s easy to make up your own recipe based on what you’ve got in. Baby led weaning can often lead to a lot of mushed up half eaten fruit, and you can blend that with a little plant based milk or yoghurt alternative to make your own leftovers lolly! Just remember not to use honey as a sweetener for babies under 1.

What equipment do I need to make ice lollies for babies?

You’ll need something to blend the mixture. I most often use a stick blender* (like you would use to make a soup), or you can use a food processor.

You will also need some ice lolly moulds suitable for babies.

There is a large and generally good value selection on Amazon. Some are specially designed to be easy for babies to hold – I like these baby friendly ice lolly moulds* by Nuk, or this colourful set* by Nuby.  My favourites for toddlers and older kids are these moulds made by Ikea* – we have 2 sets!

My top tip for using ice lolly moulds is to briefly run the bottom of the lolly under hot water when you want to serve it. This makes it easy to remove from the mould.

If you don’t have any ice lolly moulds but still want to try some baby friendly dairy free ice cream, then I recommend you try making this 2 ingredient raspberry ‘nice cream’ made out of just frozen bananas and raspberries. Trust me, it’s delicious!

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What are the best dairy free ice lolly recipes for babies & toddlers?

There are so many great dairy free ice lolly recipes available now, and we have tried out lots of them! By the time my youngest was born I had cottoned on to how well suited ice lollies are for baby led weaning, so she has been eating many of these recipes since she was 6 months! Don’t feel you always need to follow a recipe though, once you have the lolly moulds you can easily experiment with leftover smoothies, pure fruit juice, whizzed up fruit and your baby’s favourite plant based milk.

The best creamy dairy free ice lolly recipes:

The best fruity dairy free ice lolly recipes:

Tried any of these recipes?

If you’ve tried out any of these recipes then tell me what you thought in the comments below – or let me know if there is a great dairy free ice lolly recipe I’ve missed!

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