Dairy and soy free ice cream

The best dairy and soy free ice cream brands!

We have selflessly eaten extensive amounts of dairy and soy free ice cream to bring you this roundup of the best brands! Well, someone had to do it… 

Top for taste

It’s really a matter of personal choice as to when you give your little one their first taste of ice cream – and until then these are for you to enjoy! The focus here is purely on flavour; none of these options are low in sugar. If you want something that is, I suggest trying out this sugar free raspberry ‘nice cream’ recipe first.

Luckily choice and quality have come a long way over the last few years. More and more brands are removing soy and switching to other bases such as coconut and oat instead. So, there is more to choose from 👍.

Unfortunately vegan ice creams do tend to be on the more expensive side. I have noticed that they are often included in promotions though, so keep an eye out for any good deals and stock up.

Our top 5 favourite dairy and soy free ice cream brands

For each brand I’ve outlined the favours available, along with our verdict about the best flavour. This was subject to a family vote and, as you can imagine, caused some debate 😂

I’ve also included some of the major stockists, and allergy information. This was last checked online on 27th April 2023. Remember that ingredients can – and do – change without warning. So, always double check for yourself.

Booja Booja

Flavours: Deeply chocolate, chocolate fudge brownie, vanilla, chocolate salted caramel, cookie dough, mango & raspberry, caramel pecan praline.

Our favourite flavour: Chocolate fudge brownie.

Stockists include: Ocado, Holland and Barrett, Waitrose, Asda, many independent health food shops.

Allergy info: Free from dairy, soy, gluten and egg. All flavours contain nuts.


Flavours: Hazelnut chocolate cookies, salted caramel macadamia.

Our favourite flavour: Hazelnut chocolate cookies.

Allergy info: Free from dairy and eggs. Neither flavour contains soya, but salted caramel macadamia does have a may contain soya warning. Salted caramel macadamia is gluten free but hazelnut chocolate cookies contains wheat. Both contain nuts.

Stockists include: Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Ocado.

Jude’s plant based range

Flavours: Salted caramel, Madagascan vanilla.

Our favourite flavour: Salted caramel.

Stockists include: Ocado, Sainsbury’s,Waitrose

Allergy info: The two flavours above have no dairy, eggs, soy or nuts in the ingredients. However, they are all labelled as a may contain for milk, eggs, nuts and peanuts. Be aware that the other flavours in Jude’s plant based range currently contain soya.

Vegan magnums 

Flavours: Classic, seasalt caramel, almond, raspberry swirl.

Our favourite flavour: Seasalt caramel.

Stockists include: Ocado, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose, Asda.

Allergy info: All flavours are labelled as gluten free, with no dairy, eggs or soy in the ingredients. The almond flavour contains nuts. They are all labelled as a may contain for nuts, soy and milk.

Wicked kitchen

Flavours: Cookie dough, mint choc chip, birthday cake!

Our favourite flavour: Cookie dough.

Stockists include: Tesco.

Allergy info: There is no dairy, soy, egg or nuts in the ingredients lists of the flavours above. They do contain lupin, and some flavours contain wheat. 

Dairy & soy free ice cream toppings

If you want to really go for it, may I suggest some (or all) of these delicious toppings. These are all top 14 allergen free:

Make your own dairy free ice cream

If you want  a healthier option to share with your little one, I suggest trying ‘nice cream’. It is made using frozen banana slices as a base, and then you can add whatever flavours you like. The consistency is soft serve, really creamy and delicious. It’s so easy to make, all you need is a good food processor! 

I have got a recipe for raspberry nice cream – but do play around with flavours following the same process. I like to add some cacao powder, a spoonful of nut butter and a drizzle of maple syrup. Delicious!  

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